Jul 27, 2012

Kareena is Salman’s new item girl for Dabangg 2

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A source close to the film of Toi "How could he not know Lola (Karisma Kapoor) and Bebo are very close to Salman. Sisters can never say no to anything. "

"All the best girls on the material to blocking songs Kareena Kareena film in the last ChamakChallo Ra.One was not a single song, because he was starring in the film after Munni Badnaam Dabangg, Salman wanted the item song in the future will be more, better and more exclusive," source

With Kareena finally said yes after a few months to lose time, dallying for a long time to get the right song for him later in Dabangg. We've heard this song in Marathi lavni decreased to the benefit of the folk dance of North India and Western fusion, which had never tried before. We hear Salman will be dancing much more active than he did in Bebo Arora Malaika Munni is Dabangg.

Farah Khan has confirmed he will choreograph the item song Dabangg 2, and let the music composers-Sajid Vazhid flood, "we can say that we are focused on making it very different from anything that happens in the last two years, when Munni Badnaam».

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