Jul 27, 2012

Kareena is Salman’s new item girl for Dabangg 2

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A source close to the film of Toi "How could he not know Lola (Karisma Kapoor) and Bebo are very close to Salman. Sisters can never say no to anything. "

"All the best girls on the material to blocking songs Kareena Kareena film in the last ChamakChallo Ra.One was not a single song, because he was starring in the film after Munni Badnaam Dabangg, Salman wanted the item song in the future will be more, better and more exclusive," source

With Kareena finally said yes after a few months to lose time, dallying for a long time to get the right song for him later in Dabangg. We've heard this song in Marathi lavni decreased to the benefit of the folk dance of North India and Western fusion, which had never tried before. We hear Salman will be dancing much more active than he did in Bebo Arora Malaika Munni is Dabangg.

Farah Khan has confirmed he will choreograph the item song Dabangg 2, and let the music composers-Sajid Vazhid flood, "we can say that we are focused on making it very different from anything that happens in the last two years, when Munni Badnaam».

Prachi image makeover

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The actress is happy because it was directed by Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgn in his last film. About his experience working with the Duo, he said. "When making this film, I understood how she felt, that is part of a big budget film."

In the sequel to the flick of a Mumbaai Desai, who played the love interest of Emraan Hashmi, by the way, but you do not see the actres in the second part, as well? "The later you will see that the story of a flight of 20 years, so that no features of this star is given, I think, Akshay Kumar plays the lead this time," he said, but it seems a little bit about, Prachi iritated the question: "I do not understand why no one has asked or Kanjana Imran (Ranaut) their presence in the sequel," he added.

The repercussions of Ekta Kapoor and Prachi remote with the Queen (when he resigned, that show - Kasamh their representative to sign the C-Rock On Farhan Akhtar), and often the subject for my experiment is that you get a denial: "I think that people all over the world to talk about these issues, and I am a big fan of Ekta », - he said: Well, we take the word to get it, Prachi.

Janmashtmi treat for kids

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Juhi Chawla, who described the nature of Yashoda (Krishna's mother) in the film, a mother of two children and says she wants to take her children to the film. He said: "I will take your children for the film and I am sure all the families want to go to this movie, whether it be children or the elderly ... many of us forget the stories of legendary times to read history books is different. Displayed on the screen in the form of animation. Children tend to learn faster this way. "
Manoj Bajpayee, which called NAND (the father of Krishna) and adds: "The stories are legendary big part of our upbringing and the Lord Krishna has always been an important symbol in the early years of every child."

In the trial of screening organized by Reliance Entertainment a few days ago, children were seen between the ages of 3-12 years and enjoy the film, with his songs and all the elements of adventure. In addition, it seems they are happy with the quality of the animation, and the form of 3D.

The film tells the early years of the Krishna - from the moment of its birth as an enemy of tyrannical uncle, Kansas and his fun pranks with his friends in his struggle with the demons of a different period of ten years. Krishna made this film brings to life various adventures and wonders, to put an end to the evil. Among the latest versions of the film, this film makes for a clean and enjoyable option for family viewing, which can be enjoyed as much during the holiday season and holidays.

I will work till I am 90, says Kareena Kapoor

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In the long-awaited film Madhur Bhandarkar, the heroine Kareena will be seen as a superstar. The Chronicles of different stages of the film, he was as an actress, glamorous life of a tragic fall.

When asked if he was afraid that he will have to make room for other actresses, Kareena, "I do not think about it, until then, and, of course, I want to, and I hope that I think it will be like Zohra Sehgal who will work at 90 ... so the thing: I'm not going to give up her seat to anybody. "

The history of rise and fall of an actress that seems to be some similarities between Kareena - from yet to be released on the heroine, and Vidya Balan-Archive "dirty pictures. - In this says Karina." I do not fall into one shoe. I am very comfortable in my shoes, and no one in my size, I'm not going anywhere. The heroine is not a dirty movie. its completely different ... Dirty pictures ": It's not fair to compare the two films."

"Dirty pictures - on the basis of the 80s, and she (the heroine) in modern day history.« TDP »was Material Girl" character "superstars. I chose this film because the script, rather than compete with anyone. I think that the comparison must end because it's useless, "he said.

In addition, Kareena all set to rock music in his latest material, Halkat Jawani - from heroin, and he insists that the song of the reaction to Hurricane Katrina NOT Sheila Ki Jawani. "No one answers, do not compare with any of it is mine," said Karina.

Meanwhile, Bhandarkar was praise for Kareena. "Karen has done an incredible work, and I'm sure, and I hope he gets the prize," he said.

"The heroine is going to release on September 21, to be held in Kareena's birthday?